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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

"Sweetness at the bottom of the pie"

What a novel premise for a mystery novel! The protagonist is an eleven year old female aspiring chemist. Growing up in a motherless, and very eccentric household, Flavia de Luce is memorable to say the least. Throw in a dead bird, a little poison and some rare stamps, and you've got a unique historical British mystery written by a Canadian, Alan Bradley.
The book is the first of a proposed series called the Buckshaw Chronicles and Flavia even has her own fan club!
It has placed on numerous bestseller lists and has won the Debut Dagger Award awarded by the British Crime Writer's Association!

1 comment:

Gaye said...

Lynne, this is an excellent read. It reminded me of some of the Agatha Christie's I read years ago.
I was surprised Alan Bradley has not made it to England yet - his descriptions of the countryside, etc. were so "on", I thought he must be British. Another Canadian
author with a wonderful creative
imagination. Looking forward to the next in the series of six.