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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Maureen Jennings' Murdoch mysteries sold to TV!

Congratulations to Canadian mystery author Maureen Jennings! Her historical mystery series (one of my favorites!) featuring Toronto policeman William Murdoch is to be shown on American television!

Press Release
Head North of the Border For a Series of Fascinating Adventures in MURDOCH MYSTERIES
The new American Public Television-distributed series MURDOCH MYSTERIES, airing on public television stations nationwide beginning June 30, 2009, follows the exploits of young detective William Murdoch (Yannick Brisson) as he navigates the streets of 1890’s Toronto. Using unconventional, cutting-edge forensic science techniques, Murdoch battles ridicule from his fellow officers and skepticism from his superiors to solve a series of challenging killings that plague the city.

This is a photo of Yannick Brisson who will play Murdoch in the series:


Mags said...

I will tune into this seris for sure. I love Yannick Brisson (loved his character on Sue Thomas: FBI) I also enjoyed the one Murchoch Mystery that I have read - for book club I think.

Looking forward to the show - thanks for letting us know about it!!


Gaye said...

We did one of the Murdoch mysteries by Maureen Jennings in BC. I really enjoyed it and bought
up several others that I haven't read yet.

I will watch this series even if just to look at Yannick Brisson!!

Anonymous said...

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